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Mercer, Greene, Wooster, Thompson Street, Sullivan Street, and Macdougal Streets, as well as Laurens Street (present-day La Guardia Place), extended to Eighth Street until the 1820s, when the construction of Washington Square Park severed Laurens, Thompson, and Sullivan Streets south of 4th Street.

The area west of Sixth Avenue was already developed as Greenwich Village.

A 1965 Newsweek article described the East Village by telling readers to "head east from Greenwich Village, and when it starts to look squalid, around the Bowery and Third Avenue, you know you're there." In 1980, hot dog company Nathan's Famous moved into the location of a former bookstore on Eighth Street, to the anger of some Greenwich Village residents. Dalton bookstore, clothing stores, and shoe stores, started to attract tourists to the area.

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There are several open front markets that sell sunglasses, clothing and jewelry. [it] is for the wanderer, the undecided, the lonely, and the promiscuous." Under the Commissioners' Plan of 1811, a city grid for much of Manhattan was defined.Eighth Street was supposed to extend to a market place at Avenue C, but since that idea never came to fruition.