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24-May-2018 10:40

In the future, doing things such as logging in, updating your profile, etc will all earn GAVi Cs automatically!In order to better organize the website, all images and movies have been moved over to a new subdomain.A ton of design, implementation and testing time is spent to make sure that existing code won’t break before shipping these fixes.#2 is needed if you’re going to be sharing types between assemblies that you can’t deploy as a group but absolutely must keep to the same version of things.., the responsibility of keeping multiple machines to the same set of types (and the same framework for hosting those types) spawned an entirely new way to talk between machines, i.e. That way, everyone can talk to the same set of types instead of everyone getting their own incompatible interop types generated on the fly.To upgrade the project using the Project Migration Utility, refer to Project Migration.

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I don’t want to hear about you jeopardizing the reliability of the applications on my machine to save a tiny percentage of that space.

Instead, we expect folks to use xcopy deployment and catch the problems at compile-time and test-time.

So, if the #1 is what you get when you install Windows hot fixes and service packs via Windows Update.

Every (non-member) page that I could find should now be converted to the new layout ... The GAC Tests will be completely redone, allowing members to create their own tests that others can take.

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If you notice any problems with the new layout, please contact me.

All aircraft movies and images (including wallpapers) are now located at cdn.instead of