Updating multiple rows without cursor christian dating gallery

16-Aug-2017 16:48

The update cursor updates each column based on a dictionary I have created separately.

Is this the best way to update a column's value in an attribute table based on a dictionary?

So the second attempt to reuse the cursor using a second for loop is not allowed, since there is nothing to read or write to.

While Poly Geo's code will work, it is a bad habit to use multiple update Cursors on the same set of rows more than once in a program.

updating all fields in one pass of the cursor, but I can imagine situations (and have been in situations) where it is not possible to do everything in one pass.Instead, use a search cursor to read all the records and accumulate summary values into one or more dictionaries.The dictionary keys would be based on any fields that control the unique case value groupings for the summary values.In other words, you are free to do multiple edits and reads of all the fields in a row if you need to on a single record, but only update the row once after you finish all edits and before moving to another record.

As long as you are not processing many millions of records that would exceed your available memory, if you need summary values from more than one feature/row, do not use an update Cursor to write the summary values as you are accumulating them from the features/rows.

Your example code does not do what your post title asks.

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