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She was a dancer and she was in a convertible and she flung her scarf around her neck and it got wrapped around the wheel and she was decapitated. She'd get into a convertible and fling her scarf around her neck or dangle it off the side.”But at the first table read, director Gil Junger noticed how disturbing Mandella's scenes were and set out to soften the character, and by extension, the film. I didn't get it yet.”Now, she said, “I can see why they cut [those dark scenes]. That wasn't that movie and it wouldn't have made the money it did if all that was in the movie.”A less troublesome Mandella made her way into the movie, but she was still a supporting character who was further reduced in rewrites and editing.“I remember I was sitting next to Gil at the table read and the only note on his notebook was, ‘Cut Mandella,’” Pratt recalled, with a chuckle. And the moderate success of 10 Things didn’t result in any extra industry attention.

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“There was also this scene — You know Isadora Duncan? I didn't have any perspective on the business or anything.Recently she was on the CBS sitcom, Made in Jersey, which was canceled. But in case you don't have Saldana's filmography memorized, her next notable role was alongside Britney in Crossroads, and then things got even better: Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek, Avatar, etc.