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Thanks to everyone who has helped out by either sending their own photos over to include here, or who have helped identify some of the vehicles shown in the photos.Vehicles that I've not been able to identify usually end up on the Mystery Cars photo page, until they are identified.Is there anybody that I can contact within the Greenfield construction division/NBNCo etc in order to get our house looked at for inclusion, or am I out of luck?I have already attempted to conduct a network extension request and was told no, and I've contacted the NBNCo customer service via their twitter, but was provided with no explanation as to why the footprint goes past my house other than "It's part of the greenfield rollout". Edit: Additionally, is there any news on the Rockingham rollout? My parents are down there and my mum said she thought she saw some workers but I don't think it was NBN.Since the Rockingham post has stayed fairly quiet (does no one here want NBN?), the update is; Supposedly according to the 3 year rollout plan released by NBNCo, Rockingham has first build occurring February 2016, last RFS Q4 2016.

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Neither, theres a lot of work happening between secret harbour and port kennedy, looks like more water or sewerage piping but the white nbn polls are being plotted out with it, maybe their putting in some connection to the nearest POI (Point of Interconnect).In an attempt to make some kind of sense of them all, I've listed them on this one page, in alphabetical order.Some pages feature several different photographs of a vehicle type, whereas in other instances, a variety of photos showing one particular type of car might appear in more than one page.We aren't included in any of the other rollouts so far, and some of the last posts regarding our rollout were 18 months ago... She's in a DSL blackspot and can't get fixed line broadband, so the NBN was massively anticipated.

The original plan had fibre work to begin in feb of this year, but since Malcolm's 'faster, sooner, cheaper' MTM mess has taken over, well..there's been no new work and no word on when to expect work. Like I said, the exchange was ADSL enabled back in 2000 but their copper/distance meant they couldn't get anything.

According to mynbn its suggested that the first Ready for Service is Q3 2016 and last is Q4 2016, but that said it also says the first works will start on Feb 2016 and the last works March 2016, so who knows whats happening. I live in Safety Bay and have been waiting for the nbn since it was first announced.

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The body was found approximately 45 feet south of the roadway across a barbed wire fence in a sparsely wooded area.… continue reading »

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