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Some botanists define trees in a narrower sense; for example as only woody plants usable for lumber, or as plants growing to above a specified height.

One of the most important tree facts relates to how these plants get their energy.

Features of a tree include a trunk, supporting branches and, in most cases, leaves.

Trees are generally long lived − some can live for thousands of years.

In order to manage this, trees have thick stems for durability, and they are able to grow taller than non-woody plants and spread out their leaves to compete for sunlight.

It is believed that the first tree was Wattieza, a prehistoric tree genus that is now extinct.

When a seedling is growing into a tree, the first part of the seed to emerge during germination is the root.

It begins as an embryonic root, and then becomes a taproot growing directly down into the soil.

Oxygen is the by-product of this process, and the tree releases this into the atmosphere.

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The water needed for photosynthesis, and other important nutrients for healthy growth, are taken up from the soil by tree roots.In terms of botanical classification, there are certain tree facts which are used as criteria to define a plant.

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