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19-Jun-2018 14:22

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So go for a boy who hangs around people who are solid. You can’t follow Jesus with all your heart and hook up with someone going in the opposite direction.

You may think your mum or dad are total dags, but that doesn’t change the fact they’ve lived a lot longer than you! Time & time again I have seen young girls choose boys who don’t have Jesus in their lives and more often than not a few years later they find themselves out in a place they never wanted to be. Now I'm not trying to get all freaky Christian on you, but the fact is God speaks to His daughters, (and His sons).

(Of course this is a pretty big generalisation) However far too often I have seen girls ignore their friends advice and end up in toxic relationship with a guy who treats them badly and breaks their hearts a few months later.

When you're a teen I'd totally recommend mates before dates! Are they the kind of people you want to spend time with?

You don't have to say or do things just to impress him and you don't pretend to like things you actually hate. He may be cute in those chinos but if he's got attitude for days just say no baby.

I think the Senior Match was the best for the older people. At the same time, I prefer this type of the site verified members' identities, ages, address,educations, jobs and incomes.