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21-May-2018 15:44

Like I said, it has been a couple years now and I am starting to lose track of names. I probably would have gotten married, done what I was supposed to do, because that is what makes you happy, doing what you are supposed to do. I can’t figure it out, I don’t know how to answer that question exactly. V: The leader [Paul Kingston] is actually a lawyer.

V: I started really questioning things after my sister got married. He went to work and didn’t even wait to see if she woke up. She was told she needed to go back to him or she would be asked to leave the Group. I know I lived there for 23 years but I was basically oblivious, I just knew that was how things were. They are very intelligent, they manipulate [local and state government] very well.

The town is home to Jeffs’s present-day FLDS sect and is a thriving beacon to plural marriage.

V: He will help out here and there, on Mother’s Day he will buy meals, or on holidays he would buy us a bag of oats. His mother was not the first wife but she ended up taking the role of the first wife because she was the first to have children. Abuse and fear for respect instead of love was the basis of our relationship. She is amazing, I don’t understand her choice to stay there but we decided both of us just wouldn’t talk about our relationships and instead still have a relationship with each other. It’s always just the one parent raising those kids, and you have to have a kid every year, if you don’t they basically… I cannot be bound to one religion because an organized religion to me takes something beautiful and turns it into something selfish for the people up top. All the kids can go with you.” She just doesn’t want to leave. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. I make sure I am there for their birthdays or holidays. V: When you first get out, because you don’t date in the group… To just function you have to take only the good and leave the negative. I want to make sure people know it is not girl’s choice in the Group.

That is typical there, just oats and milk, not oatmeal. He would slap the kids, he was a very angry person. my dad, he said to my mom “You know, it’s been two years since you had a kid. Some work at the garbage company, some work at the copy shop, the grocery store. I don’t know how it worked but the “numbered men” [the church elders] would handle a lot of the medical care. They would do whatever they could to not take the children to the hospital. I let them know they can come to my house if they need anything. your first kiss is supposed to be on your wedding day. It’s like letting a dog off the chain for the first time. Once you get a sense of how things are you grab yourself in the real world and get yourself together. It’s ok if you do it right, but in my experience a man cannot do it right. My dad runs however many businesses but yet he has no time or money for any of his kids. You have to take the good things everyone is basically taught. I want the Group to hear this more than anything else.

Oats, milk and maybe some honey or molasses to sweeten it. With cows we slaughter them if they don’t have a calf every two years.”V: They work in the [Kingston] community. They do a lot of home births, they have even done their own C-sections. I want the girls there to know that sometimes it’s not their choice.

V: Honestly, to this day I have a hard time with older male figures. They would stitch them up, stitch them up if they tore a little bit during child birth. They are raised to believe the women choose who they marry, that they do it through their direction from the Lord.

If they are in the room I tend to try to leave the room. There is not really a lot of getting to know each other.

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