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18-Apr-2018 09:03

Utilize whichever Dramamine is easiest for you, although the non-drowsy kind contains a bit too much ginger.

Provide this drug to your dog 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to travel and your furry friend should be relaxed upon entering the vehicle.

This idiopathic balance disturbance is often mistaken for a stroke!

In any case, if your car-weary canine is going on a long journey, it’s recommended that you speak with a vet about Dimenhydrinate. 2-4 milligrams of Dramamine per pound of body weight is okay for most dogs, but do not administer more than 3 times daily. It comes in the original formula, Non-Drowsy Naturals, chewables form as well as a kids version.

Learn more about Dramamine, as well as a few alternatives, for your pet dog’s sake.

This information is accurate as of date of publication, but is subject to change without notice.

Dramamine has long been used for dogs with travel sickness.

It’s fairly safe when properly dosed, but sometimes there are side effects.

This little crochet trick has been invented and reinvented repeatedly over the years!

And the Chainless Starting Double Crochet stitch IS tricky – it definitely takes some practice.Yarn over with the working yarn again, and pull through both loops on the hook (releasing the pressure on the stretched loop as you pull the other loop through).

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