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30-Mar-2018 07:57

Various types of iterators are often provided via a container's interface.Though the interface and semantics of a given iterator are fixed, iterators are often implemented in terms of the structures underlying a container implementation and are often tightly coupled to the container to enable the operational semantics of the iterator.In procedural languages it is common to use the subscript operator and a loop counter to loop through all the elements in a sequence such as an array.Although indexing may also be used with some object-oriented containers, the use of iterators may have some advantages: The ability of a container to be modified while iterating through its elements has become necessary in modern object-oriented programming, where the interrelationships between objects and the effects of operations may not be obvious.Thus, index is valid or not only in context of a certain collection instance at a certain point of program execution.

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An iterator class is usually designed in tight coordination with the corresponding container class.

Or other times they may be created by the collection object itself, as in this Ruby example: This iteration style is sometimes called "internal iteration" because its code fully executes within the context of the iterable object (that controls all aspects of iteration), and the programmer only provides the operation to execute at each step (using an anonymous function).

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