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21-Dec-2017 03:26

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I wonder whether I’ll eventually decide to date Caucasians—and if this will necessarily mean I’ve surrendered.

Either way, I’m glad I’ve had the chance to live and love on the fine line of racial difference.

That said, here's the truth: a decision to marry outside one's race or ethnicity should not be entered into lightly.

Interracial couples must face struggles that others may not encounter.

While 43 percent of Americans believe it is good for society, 11 percent believe the growth in interracial marriage is a change for the worse.

When two unsolicited forks arrived with our Mongolian beef, I knew one was for me and one for Mark, the other Caucasian.

But recently I’ve found myself drawn to Asian men who pride themselves on being more American than Chinese.

Maybe I’ve given up trying to fit impossible cultural ideals.

More than that, it felt like there was no place for me in Chaynor’s future, that I would always make his life more complicated than it had to be.

As difficult as that was, my boyfriends have had to submit to my dad’s quizzes about the infield-fly rule to prove they weren’t athletically inept.I could tell the waitress assumed Mark and I were dating, so I planted a kiss on Chaynor’s cheek, noting the surprise of many Asian patrons. Born and raised in a predominantly Asian community in the Bay Area, I have dated only Chinese men, and each of my four relationships drew the same stares.

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