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03-Mar-2018 00:09

Greg Behrendt I went to stand-up when my rock n' roll dreams weren't coming true.

I knew it wasn't going to happen when I was in a New Wave band in 1992 - at the height of grunge.

Think about the collective sigh of relief from just the knowledge alone that when you're asked out that you're actually on a date instead of spending the entire time trying to figure out if you're on a date, just hanging out as friends or being sized up as a candidate for casual sex.

DATING IS SOMETHING THAT YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER, so if you want it to change, if you want to take control of your dating life, you have to take it upon yourself to be very serious about and completely committed to HOW you date.

And the result is a lot of unhappy and unclear people that are in complete disharmony with their romantic universe.

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The radical revision of dating that followed the sexual revolution and its continual morphing that has come with the advances in communication technology and social networking has turned dating into a blur of booty calls, ambiguous hanging out and "window-shopping" your Facebook photos, then making assumptions about who someone is rather than getting to know them.

Then I heard No Doubt's ' Spiderwebs' and I said, ' Well, we're done.' They did - and succeeded at - what we were trying to do.

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