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Unlike her peers, no hint of scandal had ever been connected with her or her relationship with Ronnie Cunningham, the boy she'd met on that variety show and had dated on and off in the years since.When Jane first learned that Dawn had been signed to star in the film, she wasn't sure how she was going to get along with the younger actress.For all she knew, the girl might even be one of those bible thumpers that look at anyone who has a little fun as being on the express elevator to hell.So when Dawn showed up at a small, casual get-together that Jason arranged to acquaint the principals with each other, Jane almost burst out laughing when the new Mara walked up and introduced herself.It wasn't until he was out of costume that Jane really understood why people called him 'Big Bill' and it wasn't because of his six foot two height.Previous to that night, Jane had never believed that myth about black men and size, but she quickly learned that even myths sometimes have a basis in truth."I bet it still fits." Jane turned around quickly and found Dawn Russell, the twenty-three year old star of Mara, Queen of the Jungle, standing less than ten feet away.When she had first heard someone behind her, the older woman had been filled with a sudden dread that it had been Jason and he had taken her interest in her old costume as an indication that she might have changed her mind about making his fantasies come true.

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Thankfully, no one ever said anything about it but there had been a number of playful smiles from both men and women on the set. " a familiar voice unexpectedly said from behind Jane.

Making a public declaration that you wouldn't have sex with a man until your wedding night had become the in thing to do among teen stars, and Dawn had been no exception.

But what was exceptional was that in her case she actually seemed to mean it.

Then again, Dawn was hardly an unknown actress getting her first big break as Jane had been.

Since the age of ten, Dawn had practically grown up on television.Why do I, or any other human, get sore and cracked heels?

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