Eric bana and rachel mcadams dating

28-Oct-2017 02:17

Mc Adams: In terms of the wife thing, I think Robert [Schwentke] had a theory that his wife is actually time.I don’t know if Audrey [Niffenegger], if that was her intention or not. It’s great for us that we really like each other and we get along, but in reality you can have amazing chemistry in real life and it not work on the screen and vice versa. I really like Rachel and I think she’s a great actress and she’s very easy to get along with. Question: It’s taken a while to get this film released.The actress showed off some skin in her dress and was without a date amid rumors things are over with Josh Lucas.Rachel recently compared life as an actor to the film saying, "Actors are gypsies and we're constantly going in and out of our lives and jumping into others.

Here it is: because Benedict Cumberbatch is now a nemesis of Captain Kirk, he will at some point, be in a movie—probably with Rachel Mc Adams, Ellen Page, or Emily Blunt—in which he is a time traveler.

During the interview they talked about making the film, why it took so long for the movie to get released, the challenges of making a time travel movie, and a lot more.