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24-Dec-2017 08:12

Using fractionation techniques, it is believed that a man can seduce a woman within minutes of meeting her.

Not many people know the secrets to fractionation seduction, but it is gaining ground within the spheres that are actively searching for the effective formula that will help men attract women. Or is it something that should best be left as a study instrument, as opposed to a tool that can lure women into men’s arms?

Fractionation seduction is a type of hypnosis technique that pushes a person to feel a whirlwind of emotions in a short amount of time.

The emotional rollercoaster a woman experiences in the scenario above is the significant catalyst of the whole method.

This seems as if it’s in line with the process of seduction, considering that the mess of emotions will prevent a woman from making an unbiased decision about how she truly feels about you.

The concept of fractionation seduction takes advantage of information gained from advanced human psychology and hypnosis.The strong emotions that you elicited from the exercise serves as a connection she can draw from.The conversation also leaves a permanent impression on the woman you like, because it wasn’t shallow. It is said that fractionation is the process of seducing a woman using psychological techniques.

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Fractionation is a technique invented by Neuro Linguistic Programming expert, John Grinder, and renowned psychologist, Carl Jung.Lastly, you can grab her attention by starting a conversation, then bowing out before it gets too deep.

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