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20-Dec-2017 05:16

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GILLAN: Well, I hadn’t really done much before Avenue shooting the film. So, it’s constantly surprising and it’s a pressure that you relish, actually. SMITH: But, looking back, there was definitely a pressure there. SMITH: Well, it’s like any part that you play and the usual things that actors get nervous about. SMITH: It’s about delivering and doing it justice and making it as brilliant as it should be. It’s already been so successful, so there’s a pressure there.Matt, what’s been the most fun about playing this role?And then, we go to something like Comic-Con, where you suddenly realize how many people actually watch the show. It’s good to see the genuine love, enthusiasm and affection from the fans. How close did you come to getting the role of Sherlock, and how close did Benedict Cumberbatch come to getting the role of the Doctor?We were walking around the streets of San Diego, running into people dressed up as us. SMITH: Well, I didn’t audition for because that’s where I met Steven [Moffatt].SMITH: No, not mobbed, but of course it changes the nature of things. It’s funny because we film for nine months of the year, and so you’re shooting and you’re in this little bubble. SMITH: Weirdly, no, but it feels like a dream to do it.It changes that bit of your life, but in a good way. You almost forget that it transmits to a lot of places in the world. It’s a wonderful part, and also a wonderful experience in my life.

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I think “Let’s Kill Hitler” is maybe my favorite episode to date. Steven [Moffatt] has always delivered the payoff to all these revelations, in a way that is exactly what you would want it to be. The “Let’s Kill Hitler” episode is the ultimate time travel conundrum. SMITH: You’ll have to watch and find out, I’m afraid. What I like about her is that, as an audience, you really invest in her because you meet her as a little girl. SMITH: In 20 years time, the parts that we’ll be playing will be very different.

MATT SMITH: Well, it’s changed remarkably because life does change. It very much places you in the public eye, in a more dramatic sense.