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Some such reliefs were designed for Wedgwood by John Flaxman.

Other wares included black basaltes, frequently enhanced by 'encaustic' colours like red, to imitate Greek vases.

An attack of smallpox seriously weakened Josiah, and in 1768 he had to have his right leg amputated.

This meant he was forced to abandon throwing, but he subsequently gained a wider insight into the potter's craft - for example the work of the 'modeller' - and this encouraged his love of experimentation.

Susanne====================================Reply by Peter (admin)To:- Pottery Mark Alert! Wedgwood - Old Milk Pot Query:-Hi Susanne Many thanks for your query, and welcome from wonderful Copenhagen! Yours is a great question because it flags up a difficult area for new collectors.

He was a distant relation of the 'other' more famous side of the family.

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Other eminent patrons included Empress Catherine II of Russia, who ordered 952 such pieces in 1774.

I don't seem to be able to find this specific pattern on Wedgwood china page. What a nice pitcher jug you have by the way - 17cm is about 6.5 inches - just right for filling with milk for the family breakfast table (my mother hated bottles or cartons on the table! If any wares have '& CO' in the pottery mark or stamp then it does not belong to Josiah Wedgwood but to Wedgwood & Co.