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03-Mar-2018 03:42

[Read: Taming the green monster: When is a girl’s jealousy okay?

One Friday Marion is trusted to bank ,000 by her employer.If your girlfriend is acting super sensitive about past deeds, it may be a sign that she’s getting ready to pounce. Frequently showing up where she wasn’t invited or to events that you specifically planned sans girlfriend *i.e. * is not only rude and annoying, it’s also super clingy. We all get riled up when we’re arguing, but some girls can take it too far. Examples of manipulation can include emotional distancing, saying one thing but meaning another, playing games, not texting back purposely, being condescending, using sex as a weapon, and, of course, using those big, puppy-dog eyes.

Nonetheless, the pattern has changed now which time of imprisonment is just a day.… continue reading »

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