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11-Aug-2017 16:57

A long uncluttered drive always connects you because there is no one else around and it is very relaxing.

We caught up with him online, to ask him what his deal really is.

And the drive back is always a great time to recap or connect before you drop her back.

Somehow it also signifies a journey so you feel like you’ve shared more than just one conversation. Isn’t there a chance that you are going to be jaded rather than enriched at the end of this? Especially since it’s a fresh person and a fresh conversation every day.

I'm trying to compare call volume YTD 2017 to call volume from 2016 for the same period (current date). I'd like to compare call volume 1/1/2017-2/16/2017 to call volume from 1/1/2016-2/16/2016.

I have a calculated measure for YTD Calls Handled using the following formula: YTD Calls Handled = TOTALYTD(SUM(dim Vendor Metrics[Answered Calls]),dim Date[Date]) I then used the below formula to calculate 2016 YTD call volume, but it returns a value for the entire year of 2016.Wilshere was handed his first Premier League start for Arsenal in 577 days during the 0-0 draw at West Ham, and when asked after the game about his contract situation, the 24-year-old insisted there was nothing to report. I’ve only read what the boss has said in the media.