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Coughing or yawning without covering your mouth, spitting in public, littering, chewing a gum when talking to another person, or not offering a seat to an older person or woman on public transit, etc.

are considered impolite if not socially unacceptable.

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Explanations regarding the purpose of your visit might also work as an ice-breaker.

(Even now, one in five Czechs votes for the not-too-reformed Communist Party.)Humour is part of traditional Czech culture, sometimes this is a "wetter" kind of humour than British or Canadian "dry" humour.

This does not necessarily mean a "black" humour; at the same time, it is often a humour without any political correctness, sometimes containing "racial slurs." It is also extremely important to realize that Czech have two modes of speaking to one another: a) "vykání" or "polite form"—using the 2nd person plural when talking to an adult; and b) "tykání" or "familiar form"—using the 2nd person singular when talking to a good friend, family member, or a child.

At first contact Czechs may often seem cautious and impersonal and/or indifferent, but with a tactful approach they might become effectively engaged.

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You have to consider the language barrier if you don’t speak reasonably fluent Czech.

Don’t forget to behave with a special courtesy to women.