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As part of the '1763 Treaty of Paris' that ended the Seven Years' War in Europe, the British took control of the island from the French in 1763.Like all of the British colonies and possessions in the Caribbean, African slavery and civil rights were on-going hot button issues in Dominica.Leslassa has aspirations of studying Agricultural Economics at university before returning to Dominica to use her knowledge to develop the local industry.In her spare time, she enjoys swimming and socialising, and her favourite novel in George Orwell’s 1984.Leslassa Armour-Shillingford is Miss Dominica 2013. She will represent her country in the Miss World 2013 pageant. Leslassa describes herself as a “Down to earth, natural and committed young Caribbean woman” growing up across the Caribbean region.Currently a dance teacher, she loves to dance, with natural talent and skill in many styles, from ballet to hip hop, ballroom to jazz.

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Half a mile inland the arid belt of the western coast gives way to what's plastered on the billboards: "Dominica, Nature Island of the Caribbean." Suddenly everything is covered in vegetation, from the hillsides to broken-down cars to backyards.Agriculture is the major industry here, followed closely by tourism.

It was in September 1961 (I was fourteen years old) that I started to listen to Radio Luxembourg. Regards Jan-Erik Olsson Sollentuna, Sweden (11/11/2011). Well he got her to do a duet with him on the phone and of coarse it went out over the air waves,he had a good voice and I think he was married to Pearl Carr,either that or they sang together. The veteran DJ started his broadcasting career on Radio Luxembourg in 1958. " and the signature tune was a very sixties instrumental. Thank you very much indeed to radio Luxembourg for the so many wonderful hours spent on your tune in the late seventies! … continue reading »

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