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20-May-2018 07:54

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This was a daily fragrance I wore to work as a public educator.

I received compliments mainly from other women - on the street, in the grocery store, at school, at Church.

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This is a very nice green floral and has a retro charm I love. It has a feeling of timeless and of unique freshness. This is truly the queen of fragrances-- a one of a kind classic. A true timeless masterpiece by genius perfumer Sophia Grojsman. the assisstant girl who helped me in doing my hair was wearing it on..

However my aunt stood right by my side and defended me, let the guy have it, and he backed down and scurried off like a scared spider.

You don't mess with an Eastern European woman who wears Eternity!

This scent will always make me think of her, her pride and her toughness.

It's a perfume I respect and admire, despite my trepidation with strong florals after wearing this myself for a couple of years.

Without a big jasmine or gardenia/tuberose this is more a clean soft white floral with prominent lily notes.

As a person who travels a lot, I hope that the person I am with would be patient with me, because that's the nature of my life." Fresh off traveling cross-country, Brad was also decked out in white — the opposite of his and Angelina's black-on-black at Monday night's big premiere of Inglourious Basterds in LA.… continue reading »

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Dating was one of the most well-structured, well-thought-out things that our generation inherited. In our natural evolution as humans and as we've become a more liberal society, we've rid ourselves of ideas or thought processes that don't work, like no premarital sex, the inability of women to vote, etc. Certainly there are formalities and expected behaviors that do need updating and revising to keep up with the contemporary times, but dating, as it turns out, may not have been one that needed much.… continue reading »

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Ihre neue Ansprechpartnerin ist Frau Carola Muggenthaler (Tel.: 0941 943-2311), Verwaltungsgebäude, Zi. Mehr Informationen und zum Antrag Welches Programm die studentischen Kulturgruppen an der UR für die ersten Monate im neuen Jahr geplant haben, darüber gibt der neu erschienene Spielplan für Januar bis April 2018 Auskunft.… continue reading »

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