Boot disk for updating bios

02-Dec-2017 21:48

As usual, all included apps have been updated where possible. Along with the usual updates, the major change in this version is shifting the FDUBCD boot image and the associated DOS CAB files into its own ISO image, which is then launched using memdisk's CDROM emulation. This is probably going to be the last release for the V5.0.x series. After numerous false starts and even more betas, UBCD V5.0 is finally out.

CPUstress has been updated to V2.3.1 (with thanks to Explorer09). Hopefully this will enable FDUBCD to work on even more systems under both syslinux/memdisk and grub4dos. UBCD V5.1 is finally out after a number of test releases. If you already have UBCD V5.0.2, you can download a small patch file (2MB) instead of the full ISO image.

CPUstress has been updated to V2.3.6 (with thanks to Explorer09), along with other recent updates. I have finally bitten the bullet and upgraded the web forum to the latest version of php BB, dropping the m2f module in the process.

For the full details of this release, please refer to Version History.

This allows me to issue updates faster because the patch files are typically quite small, so I can afford to host them myself instead of propagating the changes to the mirrors, which takes a lot of coordination and time.

For better or for worse, I am making UBCD V4.0 available for download today after a short beta test.

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I will be releasing binary patches to fix bugs in the original UBCD ISO image.This release is based on syslinux/isolinux instead of CDShell.