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11-Jul-2017 17:43

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Again I don't know the truth behind this but perhaps it should be taken into account. More often than not, the people I saw doing this were old babicky, so perhaps this is an older, going-out-of-style practice.

No, I meant that shopping into a bag and then emptying the bag at the cash register to pay is a common practice in the C. The language/cultural barrier is more significant than the race of the person while dating them.

You will find that Western attitude toward inter-racial dating is much the same whether in the Czech Republic or in France, England, Sweden or the United States. This is more the perspective of the average American when considering the issue of interracial relationships. Eva, do not be so hasty as to disregard my story as irrelevant.

Lets remember that the topic of this debate is "Attitudes of young Czechs towards inter-racial dating." For a start, you are referring to culture not race.

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Eva Eva2, Thanks for sharing your personal experience.So, perhaps my questions are about the prevailing cultural norms in the CR: how much role would the question, "what would people think if I am with a black man/woman" ( or "indian" , or "filipono" , whatever) play in your plans of going ahead on a date with a person of a different race? (soemthing like asian ok, but black not ok, etc.) as well ?

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