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"It's great for matchbox 20 fans who just purchased the CD, because now they get a bonus track and a cool castom version of both of our plajers, and it's great fcr us because they also get introduced to our music services." While the inclusion of interactive elements or "hyperlinks" on music CDs — ^which move users into the online environment wliere they could, conceivably, buy product from other Web merchants or labels— is a primarj' com- plaint in a suit filed by the National Assn. For nfonitation on getting Tape Disc 2000 on diskette or maling latiels call 212-536-5017 .

of Recording Merchandisers (NARM) against Sony Music, Shapiro says he anticipates no problems with the matchbox twenty bundles. BOTD3t69 by Paul Vema know a lot of people who don't do ad- vertising as their sole means of money- making, and we always wielcome them.

"Matchbox twenty is one of our biggest-selling albums and our biggest stars, and this sophomore album of theirs is not only so hugely antic- ipated after their debut album achieved diamond award [certification] sta- tus, but certainly even more so after (band member J Rob Thomas' celebrated turn with Santana (on the Grammy-winning "Smooth" from Santana's "Supernatural" album]. B, HENDOe CTII RANDY TRAVIS Off EAAIWC'RKS ALBUM CUT IF YOU CAN i;7.|/, Nri Y :,'A'i NFAI TAMMY COCHRAN Ei^C ALBUM CUT P MADOOA P W THORNl FALLIN NEVER FELT SO GOOD SAWYER BROWN CURB ALBUM CUT t MARK CHESNUTT tyi MCA NASM'^l LLE 172162 t JIMMY'S GOT A GIRLFRIEND THE WILKINSONS C' i Ci IVI GIANT 16837 T Hot Shot Debut WHEN YOU COME BACK TO ME AGAIN AREYNOLDS 1G. J 'AUs; GARTH BROOKS l APITl X PROMG TRAC« t JUST BECAUSE SHE LIVES THERE ■AY, .-' II: I ,ii:si''N, B IAV(T;r,, N CHALEE TENNISON ^i Y'L'.l M ■Y,.. ON CHART TITLE IMPRINT & NUMBER7W5TRIBUTING LABEL ARTIST (14) new^ 1 WHEN VOU NEED MV LOVE Dreamworks A59Ci437interscopc DARRYL WORLEY (15) 19 2 SHE AIN'T THE GIRL FOR YOU epic J9.7aoson Y THE KINLEYS 16 14 13 8 UP NORTH (DOWN SOUTH, BACK EAST. BILLBOARD MAY 13, 2000 Billboard In conjunction with Qazz Goom &awar Live Artist showcases at BET on Jazz Restaurant • REN^ MARIE & PHILLIP MANUEL, MAXJAZZ •SOUL CONVERSATION FEATURING MARK WHITFIELD & J. 1 formore Uifo \ Michele Quigley, Billboard - 212.536.5002 ^ [email protected]^ for complete schedule of events ] hot topics Recording ■ Technology Radio ♦ Media Marketing • Musicians' Workshop • Social Commentary Mew Confirmed Pane Tists Glenn Barros, Concord Records TTiurston Briscoe, WBGO FM Regina Carter, NIA Entertalnnn Tom Evered, Blue Note Hertoie Hancock ..about the awards The conference will culnnlnate in the first ever televised Billboard • BET Jazz awards The awards are based on the Billboard charts and critics choice including Best New Artist, Lifetinne Achievennent and Live Performer of the Year, Hotel: JW Marriott, 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC 20004 Reservations: 202.393.2000 • conference room rate 9 Airline: American Airlines call: 800.433.1790 - refer to # AN # 1460 UP TO REGISTER: Mail to Michele Jacangelo Quigley, Billboard, 1515 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, or fax to: 212.536.1400 Make checks payable to Billboard. Ma CKIE DESIGNS' purchase of Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has been completed, according to a state- ment from Woodinville, Wash.-based Mackie.

"So we were of course already sitting around thinking, 'What kinds of things can we launch and market this record with that have never been done before? S DEAN) JOHN MICHAEL MONTGOMERY ATLANTIC ALBUM CUT TROUBLE WITH ANGELS KATHY MATTEA IV'J MERCURY 172160 * A LITTLE LEFT OF CENTER J -'HI '. PUM CUT '7,'RN t YOU AIN'T HURT NOTHIN' YET P:-H,':. OUT WEST) mcnumeni 79361/SOm WADE HAYES w 17 17 4 DO 1 LOVE rou ENOUGH Columbia 79379i Wny RICOCHET It IS 14 21 A COUMTRY BOY C«N SURVIVE IY2KVEJBIIJII11W HIS ISBSM CHAD BROCK WITH HUN K WILLIAMS JR. THURSDAY) a»- If ' •ms Ti BTO NEAL MCCOY 20 16 15 37 IT DONT MATTER TO THE SUNIOST IN YOU • ti Pp CL li :m GARTH BROOKS AS CHRIS GAINES 21 18 IE 152 HOW DO 1 LIVEA' curb 7 i022 LEANN RIMES 22 21 19 4 HONEY 1 DO f AONUMENT 7g38&^0«V DANNI LEIGH 23 20 18 7 l-VE FORGOTTEN HOW YOU FEEL ETBIC STREH l M03»l«a YV«IOO SONYA ISAACS (24) RE-EIITRT 36 ONE HEART AT A TIME AIEANn CMUT/AG VARIOUS ARTISTS (25) NEW^ 1 ONE VOICE EPIC -p pliny BILLY GILMAN O Records with the greatest sales gains this week. of America certification tor net shipment of 500.000 units (Gold}, A RIAA certification for ret shipment ol 1 million units (Platinum), with multimillron titles indicated by a numeral following ttie sym- bol. K, • LENORAZENZALAi HELM, J Curve Records .nnore to be announced phis... 05 Full Registration: after May 5 and walk up First Name: Address: Last Name: . Phone: Company: Fax: E-mail: Paying by: dcheck avisa/MC 3AMEX amoney order Credit Card #: Exp. Signature: (charges not valid without signature) Billboad« MAY 13, 2000 Top Jazz Albums . The purchase price, which was not initially disclosed, turns out to be .5 million, according to a Mack- ie repre-sentative.

It's time for everyone concerned with this ill-advised change to call your U. representative at 202-225-3121, advise them of your concern on this is.sue, and urge them to eliminate the new amendment and protect artists' rights. She says, "The rules have changed," but the rules have not changed; copyright law is copj Tight law. ARIAA certification ftx net siiipment al 1 million units (Platinum). The C4 processor uses the com- pre.ssion design from the acclaimed Renaissance Compressor, including the ARC, Electro, and Opto bands, according to a statement from Wav TJS. The power of the [Pro Tools] Mix system has opened the door for this powerful new product" Key features of the C4 include a tran.sparent crossover » ith globally adjustable Q; true parametric control including independent threshold, nuige, gain, attack, release, and band- vridth for each band; a flexible design that allosvs compression, axpansion, or EQ independent of the functions of the other bands; an a4justable global knee control; and a 24-bit output with dither capabili Ue.s. 's Mia VIsiaa Stadias Ja Haw Ira BY DAN DALEY MIAMI — For a group of people who have spent so much of the past 35 years fishing, it's hard to believe that Ron and Howie Albert, Mack Emerman, Steve Alaimo, and Karl Richardson — the quintet behind Audio Vision Studios in Miami — are responsible for more than lii O mil- lion records sold over the past four decades.

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"And I'm real- ly ha Rjy with how it turned out — even more so than I expected to be." Atlantic's Shapiro also says that the desire to do something "special" was the spark for the campaign. IP 'A'l LJAMS j R ALAN JACKSON IV) ARISTA NASHVILLE 13193 HONEY I DO E 3 IP::-. ANDERSON) DANNI LEIGH (Cji OT^CNUMENl 79366 « BLUE COLLAR DOLUU! rtgar Ote K o( cliart movemen T Airpower awarrled to songs aweanng in ttie top 20 on bolfi Ihe I3DS Airplay and Audience charts lor the first tirrre with irv:reases in both detections and audience Tities below tlic top 25 are removed (rom ttie Ctiart after 20 weeks, I Videoclip availa Cvlity Catalog fiumlx Yr is tor CD single, w vtnyt single if CD si ngle ts unavailable (C) Cassette single aval lability, (Dl CD single availability. Cass*11e m Hi.sinfiip a'.'ai Lihilir/ ; T1 Viryl mavi single avaiiaoiiiry. t XI CO maxi-«ineleava CLAY DAVIDSON 12 11 11 18 THE FUN OF YOUR LOVE BNA 65931 RLG JENNIFER DAY 13 13 12 31 BIG DEAL CURB 73086 LEANN RIMES THIS WEEK LAST WEEK 2„ *§ WKS. A four-room facility consist- ing of fully featured Pro Tools suites — three of them with top^jf-the-line Pro Control consoles — the studio has com- pleted such large-.scale projects as the Oxygen launch (for which it did sound design and on-air work) and national campaigns for Bud Light Mi Ler Lite, arxl Brerers Ice Cream.CA 90036 323-525-2300 I» 323-525-2394^395 Washington. ^i(Sk Among the key elements in the mul- "V^jt tifaceted global pro- motion are inclusion ^^^H ^^^^B °^ several pieces of AOL software on the SHAPIRO CD itself, as we U as extensive tie-ins between the album and the band and a wide range of AOL properties wor Wwide.

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