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I have never met a man who dated a feminine, supportive, and traditional Asian woman and then said, "Oh well, I dream about marrying a Western woman who doesn't give a shit about her physique, about me, and about our marriage." No, you want to marry a woman who is feminine, who wants to look beautiful for you, who is proud to be a woman, and who doesn't regard cooking and cleaning as a punishment from the evil patriarchy. Living in a culture in which it is normal to respect men, does something with you.The Effect of Living in a Culture that Values You At the beginning of this article I told you that leaving the West was the best decision of my life. Well, obviously because I live together with my beautiful Thai girlfriend who is everything I ever wanted in a woman. Living in a culture in which a healthy male female polarity still exists, makes you feel a certain way. Since I left the West I traded depression for happiness and resentment for vision and purpose.It might not be possible for you to become an astronaut, but it's possible for you to attract a fulfilling relationship.I know it because I've done it and because I know hundreds of men who have done the same.Complaining about your miserable dating life while you live in the West is like treating the symptoms of a disease without ever thinking about the cause.Short-term relief is possible, but long-term fulfillment isn't. I for sure was, at least until I said "bye bye" to a world that does everything to prevent you from getting the relationship you deserve.

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Help was suddenly unavailable whenever I was the one who needed it. Guys like me were brought up to believe that if we always tried our best, and were beacons of kindness and generosity in a world filled with thugs and cads, we would inevitably find a girl who would love us and accept us for who we were.