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This has resulted in the preferential dissolution of Fe-rich chondrule olivines, which are now completely absent in Bells although present in other CM chondrites. This is the most popular material I have ever sold.The formation of saponite in Bells probably resulted from the dissolution of relatively silica-rich phases, such as pyroxene and olivine, that were derived from chondrules. Absolutely loaded with multisized, multicolored chondrules. The owner of the main masshas raided the price substantially. I am continually fascinated by the variety in the L classifications.The unusual fine-grained mineralogy of Bells matrix can be reasonably attributed to the combined effects of aqueous alteration and advanced brecciation in a parent body environment.Extensive brecciation has assisted aqueous alteration by reducing chondrules and mineral grains into progressively smaller grains with high surface areas, which are more susceptible to dissolution reactions involving aqueous fluids.One piece penetrated nine inches into a tarmac drive, another landed on the bonnet of a car.A piece smashed through a factory roof and another tiny fragment was found later in a vase!Patios and rooftops in Allende, Mexico were pelted by a huge rain of stones which more than doubled the then weight of all known CV3 material .

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Shortly after its release, unscrupulous dealersbegan to sell Campo slices as Baygorria, as they are both IAB Irons and cannot be destinguished from one another apart from a Certificate Of Authenticity, which I provide. The Shariff, upon seeing the rock, hefted it, admiring its weight and borrowed it to use as a doorstop in the county jail (stones are non-existant in the panhandle of Oklahoma, so, this “rock” was a welcomed asset).

magazine, Nov., 1996 - cover story) Scientists believe the E chondrites come from within the orbit of Mercury (as certain constituents could only have formed in heat that close to the sun) Many feel Mercury, itself is the actual body of origin for the Es. "Rubin and Scott argue effectively for two distinct impact events with an intervening period of brecciation through meteoroid bombardment to explain the diamonds and partially melted clasts...." (Kempton, 1996) Besides for all that, it is a VERY zappy meteorite visually. That is what I will offer it for here 700- .695g(EUC unbr) Found Morocco, 2000 30° 33' N., 4° 54' W. Later, a second, 400g stone was recovered which was originally thought to be a new Chassignite. Still, for the first ten years after the fall, material was readily available to the private collector.

0/g : Acapulcoites are named after this unique meteorite - and there are precious few of them - and they are ALL small. However, Rubin of UCLA identified it as a second stone of Agoult. Ongoing research on this unique, unbreciated eucrite will undoubtedly yield interesting information. Since that time, however, whole specimens have become increasingly difficult to obtain.

The dominant phases are fine-grained saponite interlayered with serpentine, and phases such as tochilinite and cronstedtite, which are typical of CM chondrite matrices, are entirely absent.

Pentlandite, pyrrhotite, magnetite, anhydrite, calcite, and rare Ti-oxides also occur as accessory phases.

On October 13, 1981, Jim Westcott recognized the specimen as a meteorite and emplored the Shariff to part with it - to which he agreed - on one condition: Westcott had to find a replacement doorstop!

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